Isn't it time??

Precious memories await!

Hello. My name is Charlie Harbin and I want you to get those old slides digitized during my special promotion. If you have Kodak Carousels loaded with slides or if you need to borrow carousels to load up for scanning, I can help! Unlike fine wine, they are not improving with age.

Call for information

Until the beginning of Winter 2019, (December 21st) my 
special price per 80 slide Kodak Carousel is
$28 with a minimum order of 400 slides (5 carousels).

I am happy to lend you carousels (with a small refundable deposit) if your slides are loose.

If you'd prefer to turn in your slides loose, the price is 95 cents per slide, any quantity.

My number one goal is to help you preserve your family's memories.
From their first steps to their first prom, preserving your special memories is my goal. 

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